There are copies available to loan: sygn. W-40312, W-40311, W-40310, W-40309, W-40308, W-40307, W-40306, W-40305, W-40304, W-40303, W-40302, W-40301, W-40300, W-40299, W-40298, W-40297, W-40296, W-40295, W-40294, W-39533, W-39532, W-39531, W-39530, W-39529, W-39528, W-39525, W-39517, W-39516, W-39514, W-39512, W-39511, W-39510, W-39509, W-39504, W-39496 (35 egz.)
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. CW-13778 (1 egz.)
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