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There are copies available to loan: sygn. W-47913, W-47912, W-47911, W-47910, W-47909, W-47908, W-47907, W-47906, W-47905, W-47904, W-47903, W-47902, W-47901, W-47900, W-47899, W-47898, W-47897, W-47896, W-47895, W-47894, W-47893, W-47892, W-47891, W-47890, W-40239, W-40238, W-40237, W-40236, W-40235, W-38945, W-37289, W-37288, W-37287, W-37286, W-37285, W-37284, W-37283, W-37282, W-37281, W-37279, W-37278, W-37277, W-35933, W-35930, W-35929, W-35926, W-35925, W-35924, W-35923, W-35922, W-35918 (51 egz.)
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. CW-47889, CW-35900 (2 egz.)
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