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Wypożyczalnia: można wypożyczyć sygn. W-42464 - W-42470; W-42458 - W-42462; W-42449 - W-42454; W-42446 - W-42447; W-42442; W-42437 - W-42439; W-42432 - W-42435; W-42429 - W-42430; W-42427; W-42425; W-42419 - W-42423; W-42412 - W-42417; W-42407 - W-42410; W-42404; W-42400 - W-42402; W-42398; W-42393 - W-42396; W-42385 - W-42387; W-42382 - W-42383; W-42376 - W-42378; W-42365 - W-42373; W-42357 - W-42362; W-42341 - W-42350; W-42338; W-42334 - W-42335; W-42330 - W-42332; W-42328; W-42323; W-42318; W-42304 - W-42315; W-42296 - W-42302; W-42293 - W-42294; W-42289; W-42286 - W-42287; W-42284; W-42275 - W-42278; W-42273; W-42268 - W-42270; W-42263 - W-42264; W-42257 - W-42258; W-42253 - W-42255; W-42251; W-42243 - W-42249; W-42240 - W-42241; W-42236 - W-42237; W-42234; Zarezerwuj egzemplarz (151 egz.)
Czytelnia: tylko na miejscu sygn. CW-42171; (1 egz.)
There are copies available to loan: sygn. W-42470, W-42469, W-42468, W-42467, W-42466, W-42465, W-42464, W-42462, W-42461, W-42460, W-42459, W-42458, W-42454, W-42453, W-42452, W-42451, W-42450, W-42449, W-42447, W-42446, W-42442, W-42439, W-42438, W-42437, W-42435, W-42434, W-42433, W-42432, W-42430, W-42429, W-42427, W-42425, W-42423, W-42422, W-42421, W-42420, W-42419, W-42417, W-42416, W-42415, W-42414, W-42413, W-42412, W-42410, W-42409, W-42408, W-42407, W-42404, W-42402, W-42401, W-42400, W-42398, W-42396, W-42395, W-42394, W-42393, W-42387, W-42386, W-42385, W-42383, W-42382, W-42378, W-42377, W-42376, W-42373, W-42372, W-42371, W-42370, W-42369, W-42368, W-42367, W-42366, W-42365, W-42362, W-42361, W-42360, W-42359, W-42358, W-42357, W-42350, W-42349, W-42348, W-42347, W-42346, W-42345, W-42344, W-42343, W-42342, W-42341, W-42338, W-42335, W-42334, W-42332, W-42331, W-42330, W-42328, W-42323, W-42318, W-42315, W-42314, W-42313, W-42312, W-42311, W-42310, W-42309, W-42308, W-42307, W-42306, W-42305, W-42304, W-42302, W-42301, W-42300, W-42299, W-42298, W-42297, W-42296, W-42294, W-42293, W-42289, W-42287, W-42286, W-42284, W-42278, W-42277, W-42276, W-42275, W-42273, W-42270, W-42269, W-42268, W-42264, W-42263, W-42258, W-42257, W-42255, W-42254, W-42253, W-42251, W-42249, W-42248, W-42247, W-42246, W-42245, W-42244, W-42243, W-42241, W-42240, W-42237, W-42236, W-42234 (151 egz.)
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. CW-42171 (1 egz.)
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