There are copies available to loan: sygn. W-50489, W-50488, W-50487, W-50485, W-50483, W-50482, W-50481, W-50480, W-50479, W-50477, W-50476, W-50475, W-50474, W-50473, W-50472, W-50470, W-50467, W-50466, W-50464, W-50463, W-50462, W-50461, W-50460, W-50459, W-50458, W-50457, W-50456, W-50455, W-50454, W-50453, W-50452, W-50451, W-50450, W-50448, W-50447, W-50446, W-50444, W-50442, W-50441, W-50439, W-50437, W-50435, W-50432, W-50421, W-50413, W-50407, W-50402, W-50398, W-50091, W-50088, W-50071, W-50069 (52 egz.)
Copies are only available in the library: sygn. CW-50066 (1 egz.)
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